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The State of Alabama enforces a  law that is referred to as the Parental Consent abortion law, or the Judicial Bypass Law.

Simply stated, patients under the age of 18 (minor) who are not emancipated must obtain one parent’s consent before obtaining an abortion. Patients who are NOT able to obtain parental consent can proceed through a process known as “judicial bypass”. The judge does not decide if you can have an abortion, but if you are mature enough to make your own decision about your pregnancy. 

In the state of Alabama, women must contact and/or visit an abortion provider and then wait 48 hours before obtaining an abortion.

  • Patient Comments

    • "To all who work to allow me to keep that right to choose: What you do is important, empowering and fine. I chose to have an abortion because it was the right decision for me at the time. I have no regrets despite a society, which wants and expects me to hang my head with shame and question my decision. Thanks for being brave and allowing women like me to live the lives we do."
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