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Reproductive Health Services ("RHS") was one of the first clinics to provide health care for women in Alabama. The clinic has provided abortion services and other health care for women for more than 30 years. RHS is committed to keeping abortion a safe and legal alternative and to providing caring, professional services at reasonable fees.

The clinic provides early outpatient surgical abortions and routine gynecological services, which includes pregnancy testing, pap smears, STD testing, oral contraception, Depo Provera (the 3 month shot) and Emergency Contraception.

RHS is licensed by the Alabama State Health Department and is a current member of the National Abortion Federation.

Our staff includes board eligible and/or certified OB/GYN physicians, OB/GYN Nurse Practitioners, RNs, LPNs, counselors and related support personnel dedicated to providing the highest quality care.


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Reproductive Health Services of Montgomery
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